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Learn More About the Law Offices of Joseph Z. Amsel

Experienced Trial and Appellate Counsel

At the Law Offices of Joseph Z. Amsel, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with aggressive, dedicated, and compassionate representation in the area of Criminal Defense, Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Motions, and Civil litigation, including Personal Injury and Commercial Litigation. 


Our firm was founded by Joseph Z. Amsel, Esq., a former prosecutor who spent years honing his trial and appellate skills as a prosecutor and trying civil cases for a large NYC-based personal injury firm. 

While there are many lawyers to choose from, few can say that they routinely try cases and handle appeals.  The ability to handle both trials and appeals complement each other and allow us to provide our clients with superior representation in all aspects of litigation. 


Our trial experience allows us, from the moment we take a client’s case, to begin investigating all the facts and the unique application of the law to those facts so that our client is in the best possible position to win at trial.


We will go out to the scene of the incident, take photos, videos and measurements, obtain video surveillance, interview witnesses and canvass for yet-undiscovered witnesses, enlist the assistance of private investigators and other experts, obtain subpoenas and court orders to get records, video and other evidence, create trial exhibits, and take any other steps needed to place our client in the best possible position to win at trial.  This ability to build cases from the ground up can only come from having successfully tried cases and knowing what it takes to win before a judge or jury. 


Indeed, while most lawyers view trial as a last resort, we view it as our goal. And when our adversaries see how prepared we are to try our client’s case, that results in a better outcomes for our client. 


Similarly, in our appellate practice, our understanding of the trial process provides us with unique ability to read between the lines of an otherwise “cold” and sterile transcript and craft creative factual and legal arguments that appellate courts can grasp and with which they will agree.  Our appellate practice also complements our trial practice by providing us with the knowledge and insight needed to make strong legal arguments at trial that can result in a reversal of the trial court’s decision if it rules against our client. 


We also offer a unique Post-Conviction practice, which combines aspects of our appellate practice, such as crafting nuanced and creative legal arguments, with aspects of our trial practice, which involves our tireless investigation and courtroom experience.  For example, we have the unique ability to thoroughly investigate a client’s wrongful conviction, make the legal arguments to get a hearing in court on the merits, and the trial skills to undermine the prosecutor’s evidence and present our client’s own evidence in an effort to vacate the conviction. 


Another feature of our firm that sets us apart from the field is our personalized attention each client receives.  While most lawyers take on as many cases as possible, we intentionally keep our caseload small so we can dedicate the time and resources that each case deserves.  Each case is handled by the same attorney at all stages, so you are not left dealing with multiple people throughout your case.  We are available 24 hours a day, via text or call, and are always accountable to our clients. 


Areas Serviced: 

We have handled cases in the following locations and are available to represent clients all across New York State including:

  • New York City

  • Manhattan

  • Brooklyn

  • Bronx

  • Queens

  • Staten Island

  • Long Island

  • Nassau County

  • Suffolk County

  • Hudson Valley

  • Westchester County

  • Rockland County

  • Orange County

  • Sullivan County

  • Putnam County

  • Dutchess County

  • Ulster County

  • Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York

  • Federal Court for the Southern District of New York

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